The Metropolis of San Francisco reserves the right to terminate the participation of any camper who does not follow the guidelines of the program or through his/her actions or behavior, provides a disruption to the summer camp program or the experience of other participants. No refunds will be given for any parts of the program missed by the camper.

Please also note that you will be financially responsible for any damage to the property by your camper. This includes writing names or messages on the cabin bunk beds or defacing the property in any way. Please make sure to communicate this to your camper.


  • Cameras (we will have photographers)

  • Cell Phones

  • iPads

  • Other electronics

  • Skateboards/etc.

If these items are brought, they will be confiscated and returned at the end of the camp session.


  • Weapons (guns, knives, etc.)

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Tobacco and related substances

  • Fireworks

If these items are brought, they will be confiscated and the camper will be SENT HOME.


  • Campers and Counselors will wear appropriate clothing suitable for church camp at all times.

  • Midriff tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, and/or halter tops are NOT permitted.

  • The rule of thumb for shoulder straps will be the TWO FINGER WIDE rule.

  • Exposed bra straps are not acceptable.

  • Modest shorts may be worn at any time. Modest shorts are ones that are at least as long as the TIP OF YOUR MIDDLE FINGER when your hand is against your thigh. Please also note that if you wear athletic shorts, that you cannot roll them to be shorter than the length of your middle finger at any time.

  • Yoga style pants and capris are permitted, however, they must be worn with a longer shirt so that your behind is modestly covered.

  • Modest one-piece bathing suits (no cutouts) for girls, and fingertip length swim trunks for boys are required.

  • Shirts must be worn at all times (except for boys when swimming).

  • Shirts with large arm holes clear down to the bottom of the shirt tail (large openings) are not permitted.

  • For safety purposes, shoes must be worn at all times.


  • If your camper brings medication, it must be given to the Health Care Person (Camp Doctor/Nurse) and labeled with their name in a gallon size zip lock bag.

  • The medication MUST be in its original container, including all over-the-counter and prescription medications.

  • If it is a prescription, it must be noted on the Doctor's signed Medical Health form.

  • All medications must also be entered into the camper's CampDoc health profile, otherwise we cannot distribute to them during camp.



Payment plans are available, but all payments must be made IN FULL by June 1, 2019. We open registration December 1, to allow families 6 months to spread out the cost of summer camp.

If we have not received FULL payment by June 1, 2019, the Metropolis of San Francisco reserves the right to cancel unpaid camper registrations with no return of fees. For campers who register after June 1, payment is due in full upon registration.


First, we would like to encourage you to email us to request to switch to another session (if space is available) so your child can have the experience of summer camp. However, we understand that things come up and you may need to cancel all together. To do so, please email us with this information at

All payments must be made IN FULL by June 1, 2019.

Cancellations before June 1, 2019 - You will receive all money paid EXCEPT for the $100 non-refundable deposit

Cancellations June 1 - June 30, 2019 - 50% refund

Cancellations July 1, 2019 or later - No refund unless it is a medical reason* (must have written explanation from Doctor).

*Medical reason for cancellation:

We understand that medical issues may arise over the summer or just as your child is set to attend camp.  Please email us as soon as possible to inform us of your need to cancel.  We will ask that you submit a written explanation from your child's physician.  If you child is sick and there is time and room, we will work with you to switch your camper to a later session. If your camper is unable to attend a later session, but still able to send us a written explanation from your Doctor, a 50% refund will be issued.

Please note: The $100 non-refundable deposit is non-refundable at all times.