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Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing to send your child to the Metropolis of San Francisco Summer Camp at Saint Nicholas Ranch! This summer is going to be another incredible experience! Here are a few things to help you get ready for Summer Camp 2019!

Camper registration paid in FULL and the CampDoc Health Forms MUST be submitted online at www.CampDoc.com no later than June 1, 2019. If you have not paid in full, or completed your camper's CampDoc profile to be 100% complete, you risk cancellation. Your camper will not be allowed to be at camp without the signed health care form from your Doctor.  

A reminder, please ensure that your child(ren) is at least 8 years old, or going into 3rd grade in the Fall of 2019. Your child(ren) must also be able to complete simple daily tasks independently such as using the bathroom, showering by themselves, brushing and flossing teeth, tying shoes, getting dressed, and completing any other personal hygiene needs on their own. If your child(ren) is not able to fulfill these requirements, please contact Johanna Duterte, Camp Director immediately at JDuterte@sanfran.goarch.org

Please also note that you will be financially responsible for any damage to the property by your child(ren). This includes writing names or messages on the cabin bunk beds or defacing the property in any way. Please make sure to communicate this to your child(ren).

Due to many peanut allergies, we strive to be a peanut-free summer camp program but cannot guarantee no exposure to peanuts. Please ensure that your child(rend) do not bring any snacks that contain peanuts.


Each Summer Camp session begins on Sunday at 4:30pm and ends on Saturday at 10:30am. As campers are only allowed to stay for one session, no camper is allowed to “lay-over” on the weekends. Every camper must be picked up on Saturday morning when each session ends. The latest a camper can be picked up is 11:30am. After this time, our staff will be on break and resting to prepare for the next session of camp. Please make sure to update your child’s transportation information in CampDoc prior to camp so we know who is dropping off and picking up your child.

Check In Times: Sunday 2:00pm ­- 4:30pm
Check Out Times: Saturday 10:30am ­- 11:30am


Greek Orthodox Metropolis of San Francisco
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries

Contact: Johanna Duterte, Camp Director     

Email: jduterte@sanfran.goarch.org (checked daily)

Address: 245 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103   

*Due to the number of campers, it is preferred that if you have a question about camp, please email your question to Johanna, instead of calling her.


Summer Camp Office at Saint Nicholas Ranch     

Contact: Johanna Duterte, Camp Director

Email: jduterte@sanfran.goarch.org  (checked daily)

Emergency Phone: (408) 712-7658 - Limited cell reception

St. Nicholas Ranch Office
(559) 338-2103 - Not for summer camp questions


We have decided to discontinue the tradition of mailing or dropping off camper care packages. Keeping track of the boxes and the amount of food/candy sent has become an unnecessary burden to the program. The kids are given plenty of delicious food to eat during each meal, and they have access to the camp store every afternoon.

Beginning this summer, each camper is allowed to bring a maximum of one gallon size ziploc bag with their name on it containing any snacks or food they would like to have access to during flex time. This gallon size bag of snacks will be turned in during the camper check-in process. We ask that campers do not bring any snacks or food containing nuts.

If any snacks are found in suitcases or in the cabins after the first day of camp, they will be immediately confiscated. When food is present in the cabins, ants, bugs, and other animals have become a huge problem.


Indicate the following on the address label:

Camper Full Name
Week your Child is attending Camp
Summer Camp at St Nicholas Ranch
P.O. Box 400 Dunlap, CA 93621

*Please plan on mailing all letters THE WEEK BEFORE your child arrives



Indicate the following in the subject line of the email:

Camper Full Name
Week your Child is attending Camp

Email address:StNicksCamper@gmail.com

Please limit your message to 200 characters and 3 emails max per week. Instead of using snail mail, you can use this email to send a brief one-way message to your child. Your child will not have the ability to respond and will receive the printed out email.


STEP 1- Log into your Amazon account
STEP 2- Click "Lists" and select "Your Friends"
STEP 3- Search jduterte@sanfran.goarch.org and you should find "Metropolis Summer Camp Wish List 2018"
STEP 4- You can have all items shipped to St. Nicholas Ranch with the address provided.
STEP 5- Send us an email letting us know what you donated so that we can thank you!