Last year, we gave parents, campers, and staff the opportunity to write a short reflection on their Summer Camp experience. Please see a few of their responses below.


“It was at camp that our boys have begun to make their Orthodox faith truly theirs. They crave the Orthodox Christian setting – they want to be like the faithful, fun, warm, loving staff who serve at camp. In a world where Christ is more and more commonly NOT put first, camp provides the boys a vision of what life can be if they live in Him.” – Parent


“Summer camp this year changed my life, once again. The atmosphere at camp is one like no other. There is no judging and there is only love. Night with God was my favorite night because of the amazing counselors and cabin I had. The devotionals were eye opening and made you really think about life and how God protects us all. The bonds I made here will definitely last a lifetime. ” – Camper


“I truly believe everyone needs to spend at least one week at St. Nicholas Ranch each and every year in order to recharge and reignite one’s Orthodox faith. Being placed in the midst of King’s Canyon, amongst a beautiful monastery and being left to focus on one’s faith while surrounded by individuals who share your belief and who can relate with your struggles all make for an opportunity to realize how amazing our Orthodox faith is and how we need to share it when we return home.” – Staff


“My kids grew in their faith and came home committed to their church. The friends they have made over the years from throughout the Metropolis has been a great addition to their lives! Thanks for a great program. They talk about camp all year long!! ” – Camper


“My daughter returned to us after the first year at camp having embraced her faith as hers. She has also made new friends that continue to support her in life as she moves on to college. ” – Parent


“I’ve never learned so much about our faith until I was in this program. It has been truly uplifting and spiritually healing.” – Staff