Melissa is absolutely ECSTATIC to be back at St. Nicks this summer! St. Nicks was her favorite part of summer as a counselor and for 8 years as a camper! Melissa is originally from Roseville California but moved to Reno, NV 4 years ago to earn her degree. She graduated from University of Nevada, Reno Orvis School of Nursing this May with her Bachelors in Nursing.  She will be working in the Pediatric ER at Renown’s Children’s hospital in Reno, NV.  She attends Saint Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in Reno as well and loves to visit her home parish, Saint Anna’s in Roseville, CA as much as she can! She loves to dance, be active and learn about the saints in her free time. Melissa is honored to be a camp counselor again and can’t wait to be home at Saint Nicks for a PHENOMENAL SUMMER!!

Catherine A.jpg


Catherine hails from the almost-desert environment of Redlands, CA. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (the theoretical study of language-unfortunately, she speaks only English with any fluency), Catherine decided that she wanted to learn more about Orthodoxy, so she studied at both Holy Cross and St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological School! She is all set to graduate in December, after which she will be marrying her best friend and moving full-time to New York. Catherine loves singing (especially in church), reading way too many books, and adventuring, and she can’t wait to spend her summer at camp with all of you!



Dimitri has been going to All Saints Camp in Arizona for years, and is ready to bring his passion and energy on the road with him to St. Nick’s in 2019! When not at camp, Dimitri spends his time either working as a realtor, or improving on himself, both mentally and physically. As an avid greek dancer and up-and-coming professional daouli player, feel free to nerd out with him about all things Greek, Orthodox, or anything else you both have in common. He is pumped to meet everyone, and to build meaningful relationships to last a lifetime!



Sofia was born and raised in the wonderful city of Bakersfield, California. Well, it’s wonderful if you like dust, pollution, and nothing to do! She is currently attending California State University, Bakersfield and is pursing a degree in Nursing. When she’s not in school, you can find her re-watching her favorite shows on Netflix, or reading anything she can get her hands on. This is Sofia’s second year as a counselor after spending 8 summers as a camper at the ranch. She’s looking forward to sharing and growing in the faith with all the lovely people she meets, and can’t wait to be back!



Natali Avelino is a new convert to Christianity. She is also currently serving in the United States Air Force. Originally from the East Coast, she was stationed in California and has lived there ever since. Highly energetic, she loves to be at every possible event that she could be in at the parish of Saint Anna’s in Roseville. One of her favorite things to do at church is ring the bells! Natali also loves to be active by exercising and sometimes going for a hike. When at home, she often reads books, does home improvement projects and attends school. She is currently studying accounting. Natali is very excited and honored to be an addition to the team!



Joseph Ayoub resides in Bakersfield, CA and attend Saint George Greek Orthodox Church. He has been going to Saint Nicholas summer camp since 2012. Every year he always looks forward to camp. This year he will be looking forward to being a counselor and having a blast with all his fellow Christians.



Niko Basa is a first-year staff member, born and raised in Brentwood, California. Niko is currently at a local community college where he is part of the baseball team and a full-time student. He plans to transfer to San Jose State where he hopes to study forensic science. Member of St. Demetrios of Concord, however, dances with St. George of Fresno. He is a huge Oakland sports fan, rooting for the Warriors, A’s, and Raiders. Niko was a long time camper, and has two younger brothers who still attend summer camp.

Dan Bein.jpg


Dan was born in Boston and has lived throughout the northeast. His family now lives in Pittsburgh, where he went to the University of Pittsburgh and studied psychology, history, Arabic, and religious studies. He liked the last one so much that now he goes to  St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York. He likes to read, hike, and explore the city. If he's not doing that, he's probably napping outside. Ever since coming to CA two years ago, he has been trying to figure out how to come back, and now he's found a way! He can't wait for camp!



Issa was born and raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian in Bakersfield, California and has been a camper at St. Nicholas Ranch for many years. He will be a first time counselor this year, and is honored and very excited to have a chance to lead the youth and share his knowledge of our beautiful faith! Issa is going into his senior year at California State University Bakersfield, and is majoring in Kinesiology with a focus on Allied health and a minor in Chemistry. Issa will be pursuing a career as a medical doctor, and will be applying to medical school in the year 2020. His hobbies consist of playing sports (basketball being the favorite), trying different foods, and watching anything Flash related! Issa always cherished the guidance of the staff as a camper, and hopes to be able to give back to the youth as a counselor. He hopes everyone has a great summer at Saint. Nicholas Ranch!



Panayotis Chaffee was born and raised in Bakersfield California (it’s ok if you don’t know where that is.. no one really does.) Growing up in the Orthodox faith, he loved participating in church events like the food festivals, youth group Sunday school and most of all SUMMER CAMP!!! He began going to camp since 8 years old and hasn’t missed a year (except for one when he had to go to his sisters wedding, still kinda sorta regrets that.) He is currently going to a local community college to live out his passion of practicing medicine as a registered nurse. He spends most of his free time with his friends and loves to spend time on the great outdoors. This year Panayotis is ecstatic about being a counselor and ready for an amazing summer at St. Nicholas Camp!

Leonida (1).jpg


Leonida Constantinides has attended Summer Camp at St. Nicks for eleven years of his life. He has wanted to be a councilor at the Ranch since his first year at camp. Although he stepped away from Greek dancing, he can still claim the dance floor and is always ready to share his knowledge of dances! He is ready to share the floor with new campers this summer!

georgia (1).jpg


Georgia's ecstatic and beyond blessed to be back at Saint Nicholas The Ranch this summer for the second time! Georgia was born and raised in Chicago, and she is from Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. When she's not creating a new dessert, you can find her spending time with her family. Georgia hopes and prays we can all grow closer to Christ, we grow deeper in our Orthodox faith, and we help one another on our path to salvation.

Juliana Delsante.jpg


This is Juliana's third year of being a camp counselor and second summer at Saint Nicholas Ranch and she is so excited to see everyone again this summer! Originally from Gilbert, Arizona, she is now a senior at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio where she studies Classics with a focus on Ancient Greece. If you ask her which English words come from Greek, she will be more than happy to tell you. She is coming fresh from Athens where she just spent a semester abroad learning more about her Orthodox faith. 

She is pumped to break out her fannypack collection, flower crowns, and friendship bracelet skills for another awesome year at Saint Nicholas Ranch!

nicole d.JPG


Nicole Deobler is from Granada Hills, California. She grew up at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge, CA where she played years of GOYA sports, participated in Greek dancing since age 7, and competed at FDF. She loves hiking, her favorite artist of all time is Tori Kelly, and she thinks the beach is the most rad place on planet earth. She’s successfully established herself as the clumsiest athlete, but still manages to live out her dream of playing college volleyball at Siena College, which is located in Albany, New York. Nicole is pursuing a Business management major with a minor in Psychology. With all of the unpredictable adventures that come with college, she feels so blessed to have found a new Orthodox community at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Albany while she is away at school. After spending some time pursuing the faith through programs like CrossRoad, summer camp, and Ionian Village, she can’t wait to share her love for our great faith with the campers.

This will be Nicole’s 12th summer at the ranch and she can’t wait to come back home to St. Nicks and be apart of the most epic summer with all of you!



Kathryn was born and raised in sunny Arizona where she is currently going to school to become a teacher. She is going into her senior year at Northern Arizona University and is so excited to be one year closer to having her own classroom! Her dream is to become a middle school science teacher (science rules!) and to get more kids excited about science! She has been a part of the Greek Orthodox Church all her life and absolutely loves everything about it. Staying involved in the community is tough while being in college but she loves going to church, helping with Sunday school, hope and joy, GOYA, going to OCF and youth forum. Her favorite thing to do in her free time consists of going on hikes with her puppy Sparky (named after the ASU mascot), hang out with her friends, and spend time in the classroom. Kathryn cannot wait to be back at St. Nicholas Ranch this summer! 

LIA CAMP 2018.jpg


Lia Forakis is so excited to be returning to camp for her fourth year as a counselor! She lives in Fresno where she attends St.George. Lia teaches Greek Dance and is involved with youth ministries. In her spare time, she enjoys needlepoint, painting cats (not portraits, actual cats), spelunking, and writing poems to Anna Theodosiadis. Fun Fact: she can spend hours upon hours watching and analyzing past FDF dance videos as well as going on spontaneous adventures. She hopes to grace us with her multi-talents which include her fabulous vocal, guitar, and drum skills. She is ecstatic to be returning as a counselor and can’t wait to share in unforgettable experiences at one of her favorite places in the whole world! PS owls are her spirit animal.



Sophia is so excited to spend her second summer at Saint Nicholas Ranch! She was born and raised in Portland and is currently in her third year at the University of Oregon studying Business Administration. Her love for camp and the Orthodox faith blossomed at her home camp, Camp Angelos. Sophia has had the chance to experience so many programs through the archdiocese and her most recent opportunity has been serving on the Student Leadership Board for OCF. Sophia also loves spending time with her friends and family, playing golf, and listening to country music. She can’t wait to continue to meet people from all over the place and see what God has planned for the summer!

chris f.jpg


Chris is so excited to be back at the Ranch this summer! He spent so many summers as a camper and counselor and is very blessed to still have the opportunity to come back! Chris currently works for a tech company in Scottsdale, Arizona and was recently engaged to his beautiful fiancée Chelsea. When he’s not spending time working, he is playing sports, hiking with his dogs, or spending time with his godson. The ranch is his oasis, his home away from home and he is looking forward to getting to know the wonderful youth that will be coming through camp. Learning from some of the greatest youth workers in the country, Chris has been lucky to spend summers at Camp Saint Paul in NY and All Saints Camp in AZ. St Nicholas Ranch has given him, his family, and his extended family so much and he’s excited to share his experiences this summer!

Panayiota Good.JPG


By now, Panayiota Good is a summer camp veteran. Having attended the ranch as a camper for eight different summers, Panayiota is beyond excited to spend her second year as a counselor with you all this summer! Panayiota was born and raised in San Jose, CA attending St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, leading GOYA, participating in Project Mexico, traveling to FDFs, and Greek dancing beside some of her favorite parea. She just completed her second year as a duck at the University of Oregon, where she is studying Journalism and playing volleyball for their women’s club team. Her hobbies include writing, music, poetry, sports, and of course, getting rowdy over just about anything. If you think you’re hyped about this summer, know that you are probably not on the same level as Panayiota, so it’s in your best interest to get there. Needless to say, summer is back, and it’s going to be wild. Get ready.





Having spent two years at UC Santa Cruz, Ioan transfered to Hellenic College in the Fall of 2018 to pursue the Religious Studies Seminarian track. When home in Los Angeles, Ioan loves to surf and spend time in the outdoors. He is excited to grow closer to Christ with the campers this Summer.

Marianna senior pic.jpg


Marianna was born in beautiful Boulder, Colorado! She grew up hiking & skiing the Rocky Mountains, running the popular BolderBoulder 10K race & playing on Boulder High's volleyball team.She was active at Boulder's Sts Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox church.  She participated in Sunday school,  GOYA, Greek Dancing, worked at her church festival and attended several Orthodox youth camps. Marianna moved to San Diego the summer before her Junior year of High School because of her father's work.  It was scary moving, especially during High School, but thank God California feels like home now! Just one short week after she moved to San Diego, Marianna went to camp St. Nick for the first time and has loved going to camp ever since! She has made wonderful friends at camp and at St. Spyridon church in San Diego! She was also blessed to go to Ionian Village.Marianna just completed her Freshman year at Vanguard University majoring in nursing. She looks forward to sharing our beautiful Orthodox faith with everyone! Her goal is to have fun and help campers feel like camp St. Nick is home for them, too!



Evan Goodson is absolutely, positively, in the best counselor shape he has ever been. Ever. Incase you didn’t know, Evan was born in the great Cajun state of Louisiana! He then moved to the great western state of Arizona to wrestle cattle and farm Gods great land! After completing that task, he started school to become a diesel mechanic and now works for John Deere. Evan can fix anything with four wheels that moves with a mere stare! In terms of being a counselor for the third year in a row, Evan has never been more prepared or excited to be back at camp. He has been practicing songs, eating tri-tip steaks by the tenfold, and waking up at 5:47am everyday to recite the morning Orthros service in 8 different languages just to make YOUR camp experience as life altering as humanly possible! Fisher Jim will definitely miss having bait box bill  out by the lake with him, but that doesn’t mean fisher him won’t be pulling massive fish out of the lake with nothing but a rock and some dental floss! Nothing will stop Evan from turning YOU into as top notch of a camper as you can be. Get ready to have the summer of your absolute life. Roll tide, and God bless.



Anastasia is the name, camp counseling is the game! After so many amazing years of being a camper at St. Nick Ranch and one year as a camper at IV, Anastasia is so excited to come back a second time!
   Born and raised in Southern California, Anastasia has been going to St. Nicholas Church all her life. She spends so much time there, it's become her second home. Anastasia is there every other day, either going to Greek dance practice or church. She is currently a sophomore at Santa Monica College and is hoping to transfer to UCLA soon!
   When she’s not at school, Anastasia has a few hobbies she loves to do, especially going to her favorite place, Disneyland. She knows way too much about everything Disney and will tell you everything she knows, even when you don’t ask for it. When she’s not eating Dole whips at Disneyland, she’s blasting music in her car or going out to eat with friends! (she’s a big foodie!) Anastasia is so excited to come back as a counselor! She hopes to make the same impact that her counselors did for her! Anastasia hopes you’re as ready for an exciting summer at camp as she is!



Jackie can’t wait to come back to the Ranch this summer! She’s been living in Chicago for the past 6 months, and she’s beyond excited to return home to California where she will get the opportunity to connect and reconnect with campers and staff! She recently Graduated from the University of St Katherine in San Diego with her BA in Kinesiology, and loves anything health and fitness related. She also can’t wait to share her love for God, people, and country music, while experiencing another amazing and grace filled Summer at CAMP! 



Mikael is native to the bay area, the youngest of three children in his family, as well as a graduate from the University of California, Davis.  Mikael is also a sports enthusiast and plays everything from basketball to tennis (find him on the court!)  Mikael is excited to help our youth strengthen their faith in Christ and do everything he can to help show them God's love for us. He is PUMPED for camp this summer and can't wait to see everyone!



Ladies. And. Gentlemen. Get ready, for the ultimate cabin experience. Angelika Johnson, has been training rigorously for 19 years to be YOUR counselor at Saint Nicholas Ranch. Angelika was born in the Urban jungle called San Francisco, and has spent precisely 97% of her days alive swimming with actual sharks in her free time. Don’t even try to challenge her during pool time at water polo because she will blister you faster than the sun on a hot day in the Sonoran desert. Speaking of the Sonoran desert, Angelika has completed her first year at the University of Arizona, and lives by these five words, Bear Down, Glory to God! She is a law major and will SWIFTLY lay down the law on any cabin that says they have more energy than her cabin! How has Angelika prepared to be your camp counselor, you ask? Get excited because she has been vivaciously practicing her rising, shining and glory giving to God ALL. YEAR. Angelika personally said in an interview that this is the biggest moment of her life, and she cannot stress how excited she is to wear ridiculous costumes and shout praises to the Lord from every mountain! Get excited, Angelika is prepared to absolutely turn this summer into the best summer of your life. Bear down! Glory to God!



Jeanine was born and raised in Fresno, CA and her home parish of St. George. She is currently attending the University of California, Santa Barbara where she studies biology and attends St. Athanasius Antiochian Orthodox Church and Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church. When she’s not in the library studying, she can be found watching sunsets on the beach, reading, or enjoying her time with friends and family. Jeanine has traveled to many countries (and even has a few trips planned this summer after camp), but her favorite place out of them all is Saint Nicholas Ranch, which is a place so close to her heart. She has attended camp almost every year since she was 12 and is obsessed with how camp has impacted her life through the friendships formed, memories made, and how her faith has grown immensely since. Jeanine is extremely excited to meet new friends, create more memories, and grow in her faith as a counselor this summer at her other home!



Stephen was born in Scottsdale, Arizona but has resided in Minnesota since the age of eight. He is a recent graduate of Purdue University where he earned a degree in Psychology. He has been active in the Orthodox Church as long as he can remember and particularly enjoyed his experience as a member of Purdue’s OCF chapter during his college years. At a very young age, Stephen was notorious for feasting on Pup-peroni alongside his fury friend, Hudson. Times change, and fortunately, so do people. Nowadays you can find him avoiding dog treats and following a much more conventional diet of pizza and ice cream. He spends most of his free time hacking around golf courses, pretending to be a scientist, and perfecting his role as family irritant. He is eager to meet his fellow staff members and all participating campers and embark on a summer journey centered on faith, fellowship, and fun!!



Niki is at Ventura College studying to be a children's nurse. She grew up in Santa Clarita, California, attends Saint Nicholas in Northridge. She has been active in youth groups, Sunday school and Greek dance. Niki has danced for Saint Nicholas since 2nd grade and has assisted with the younger dance groups for 8 years now. Niki also enjoys listening to country music, country line dancing, and hanging out with her friends. You might of seen her leading some people in learning Footloose last summer. She attended Saint Nicholas Ranch when she was younger. She always talks about the Ranch to her young dancers, friends, and family. Camp has been her second home, her happy place, as Saint Nicholas Ranch has a special place in her heart.  This is her fourth year being a counselor, she has more fun each year and is inspired by each session. Come and see what line dance she will teach this year. She can't wait to see you !!!



Melina was born and raised just down the hill from the ranch in Fresno, California. Melina is proud to be half Greek and half Armenian. She is also very proud to be Greek Orthodox. She has been involved in a variety of activities at her church over the years including Greek dancing since she was about four years old, singing in her church choir, M.O.A, youth group, and more. Having attended camp at St. Nicholas Ranch every summer since she was eight years old, Melina is beyond excited to be a counselor for her first time. She is a proud Bulldog who just finished her Freshman year as a MCJ Multimedia major at Fresno State University this spring. She may be small, but she promises that she is 19 years old! Melina is an avid fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sabrina Carpenter, Queen, Harry Potter, and musical theatre, as well as many TV shows, one of her favorites being Impractical Jokers. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, especially her Yorkie, Zoey. She can’t wait to spend her summer at her home away from home, St. Nicholas Ranch! Summer is back!

Nick Kerhulas.jpg


Nick was born and raised in the Northridge. After high school he travelled to Spain to play professional tennis for over a year and then came home and attended college at Pierce eventually transferring to New York Film Academy and graduating. Now as a tennis coach he is used to a different type of camp and this is his first year back at the Ranch since 2010! He has attended St Nicholas Northridge his whole life being involved in Goya, Greek dance, etc. but his favorite aspect has always been strengthening his relationship with Christ. Nick is excited for his first year back as a counselor!

Nicholas Kourakos.png


While you can normally find Nick on the beach (usually in the water), it’s still a little cold for that. Instead, he is focused on finishing up his semester and working as a youth director at St. Paul's Greek Orthodox Church in Orange County, California. He is currently studying history and, God willing, he hopes to find a future career in teaching the subject one day. People may wonder why he smiles and jokes so much—at camp, it’s easy: with fellow counselors, campers, and clergy, how could he not be overjoyed with God’s love? Nick has a beautifully, wonderfully, crazy summer planned ahead, and he can’t wait to get to the Ranch!



Cassandra is so excited to be back at St. Nick's this year for another fun summer.  Right now she is going to school at California State University Northridge where she is pursuing a B.A. in Theatre as well as a minor in Musical Theatre.  Cassandra attends St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church while she's away at school and participates in choir, Greek dance, YAL meetings, and counseling for GOYA activities.  She loves to sing, dance, and act whenever she can. But, most of all, Cassandra loves to worship God, spread love, and grow in her faith, as well as help others grow closer to God. Get ready, because summer is back!!



..THREE...TWO...ONE...WELCOME TO FAITH AND CUL...whoops that's not right. There's been a mistake, this is not Faith and Culture, just Chryse Kruse's bio. Chryse comes from the beautiful, dry, and hot Southern California desert. She recently graduated from college with degrees in literature and religion and is excited to see what's in store next for her! Chryse's special talents include quoting The Office too often, making faces and incoherent sounds to express herself rather than actual words, and having an exquisite fashion sense which includes wearing Birkenstocks with fun socks 97 % of the year (including summer). In her free time, Chryse enjoys climbing rocks and ruining her hands, reading the lives of the saints and sharing them with anyone who will listen, talking about poetry in a way that no one understands (including herself), and traveling across the country to visit her family! Chryse is SO EXCITED (!!!!!!!!!!) for summer camp with you all! Hope you're ready to cultivate your relationships with others, the saints, and Christ, learn about your faith and culture, lose your voice screaming about Bethlehem, and have another unforgettable summer at The Ranch, because Chryse is!!!

PALOMA (1).jpg


Paloma Kruse is from the small town of Cornwall, New York and moved to San Diego almost three years ago to attend the University of St. Katherine where she met her now husband! The two of them have recently moved to Phoenix where she is a (pre) pre school teacher to very small children. She likes to sing, cook, and try to keep from sweating off her fake tan #thriving. This year will be her third summer at the ranch and she is So eXciTeD to bask in the love of the saints with her favorite people and get to know a new group of campers !!!

Alex Mazare.jpg


Alexander (Alex) Mazare attends Fresno State and is majoring in Construction Management. He is 21 years old and counting. He would like to think that he is funny, kind, and full of energy. Although as modest as he is, his friends and family think the same. Being a part of summer camp this July brings back nostalgic memories of when he was a camper back in the day. He is excited to pass on the beauty of the Orthodox Faith through activities and worship this summer with the youth!



Christina is PUMPED to be back for another summer at St. Nick’s as your head lifeguard! She just graduated college from Cal State Monterey Bay with her bachelor’s in Kinesiology, and is home for the summer before starting the next adventure. Christina has been a swim instructor and a lifeguard at her local gym in Monterey all throughout college and has basically mastered aqua zumba, aqua yoga, and all of the water sports in between. Get ready to splash, sing, and cannon ball into this year’s summer camp!



Summer is BACK and camp enthusiast Tasia Migias is thrilled to be part of the team at Saint Nicholas Ranch! Although a Philadelphia native, Tasia is currently pursuing a degree in Business at Arizona State University. She’s no stranger to the Ranch, having spent most of her childhood summers singing campfire songs by the lake, frantically cleaning the cabin for the chance to win cabin cleanup, and spending her free time playing sports near the grassy knoll. Her summers at camp helped her grow in her Orthodox faith and sparked her passion for youth ministry. In her free time, Tasia enjoys spontaneous dance parties, singing off key to whatever is on the radio, raving about mediocre movies and hoping that running 5ks will somehow translate into marathons. Tasia cannot wait to work with her fellow staff members to give the campers a fun faith filled summer to remember!

Dimitra .JPG


Hailing all the way from the bEAST Coast, Dimitra Migias is honored to rejoin the Saint Nicholas Ranch Staff as Arts and Crafts Director!

A Master of Macaroni Art, Dimitra is entering her senior year at Millersville University, completing degrees in Communications and Art. Although raised in Pennsylvania, California and the Ranch hold a special place in her heart. Summers back as far as she can remember were spent with her family in Bakersfield and as a camper at Saint Nicholas Ranch.

Dimitra has a gentle and youthful persona, enjoying painting along to Bob Ross, solving puzzles, and planning her next trip to Disneyland! She cannot wait to share her enthusiasm and love for the Orthodox camp experience with this year’s campers!

matthew m.jpeg


Matthew has been looking forward to his second year as a counselor all year! He is currently at Delta college, but God willing, he plans to transfer to HCHC. He has had a passion for faith and the church from a young age, and hopes to offer his experiences and knowledge of the faith with you this summer!

Sophia P.JPEG


Saying that Sophia loves camp would be an understatement! After being a camper at Saint Nicholas Ranch for 5 years and spending a summer at Ionian Village, she is so excited for her first summer as a counselor!

Sophia is from Granada Hills, California and has been attending Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge California, almost her whole life, where she has been involved in GOYA, Greek dance, Sunday school, and Greek school.

Going into her sophomore year at California Lutheran University as a Criminal Justice major, she hopes to one day work in behavioral analysis. She also loves being involved with clubs on campus. She is currently the Co-President of the club Her Campus and is an active member of the Women’s Christian Ministry Group called Delight.

Sophia is beyond excited and thankful for this incredible opportunity to grow in her faith alongside fellow Orthodox Christians! She is ready to have the most unforgettable summer!



Savanna is from the lovely San Ramon, California. Savanna, along with her family have been attending the Resurrection Church in Castro Valley for about 15 years. At Savanna's church, she is was involved in her GOYA group and now currently co-leads JOY at her church for the  Pre-K to 2nd graders. This may be her first year being a camp counselor at Saint Nicholas Ranch but she has a lot of experience working with youth! She's been a camp counselor at a 5th grade outdoors camp for three years. Also Savanna worked at a swim school and worked with kids ranging from 2 years old to 14 years old. She also worked at a preschool and interned at a 5th grade classroom as well as 8th grade. Savanna enjoys working, she's currently a hostess at a restaurant, reading, writing and cooking. Savanna can't wait to go to camp this year. 



Yianni was born and raised in Oakley, California. He splits his time in church between the St. Nicholas Church in San Jose and his home parish of St. Demetrios in Concord. He is currently studying Finance as an undergraduate at Santa Clara University. After spending the last few summers abroad visiting cool places like Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Russia, Yianni has decided to take a year off from traveling and become a counselor at his home away from home, St. Nicholas Ranch. At school, Yianni is part of the club soccer team and a proud intramural champ. He loves to watch, play, and talk soccer at anytime. When not playing soccer, Yianni can be found reading a good book, playing violin, listening to music, or hanging with his friends and family. He is looking forward to his first year as a camp counselor and can’t wait to work with the rest of the amazing staff and campers of St. Nicholas Ranch. 



Amalia Patrinellis is from Sacramento California, where she attends Holy Ascension Orthodox Church. Amalia just graduated from Sacramento State University with a bachelor’s in Kinesiology with a concentration in Physical Education Teacher Education! She plans on being an PE teacher, and will be starting graduate school in the fall to begin earning a Teaching Credential and a Masters in Education at Sacramento State again. (Shoutout to Anna Teodocdious for writing her an awesome letter of recommendation to the program !). Amalia really loves being submersed in water, bread, and her blue camelback back pack which is unintentionally and frequently left open. She cannot wait to do cannon balls into the pool, eat ribs, do awesome Church services, and to smile endlessly at the sight of the campers and her friends! YAAA TAAA PEDYAAA! Glory to God for camps like St. Nicholas Ranch!!!!!!!!!  



Alexandria is absolutely STOKED to be a counselor at Saint Nicholas Ranch this summer! She was born and raised in Oakley, California, and her home parish is St. Demetrios in Concord. She is currently studying Accounting at Saint Mary's College of California, and she’s a staff accountant at an incredible firm in Oakland (shoutout to them for allowing her to take a month off work!) She feels so blessed to be going to college close to her church so she can attend on Sundays and be involved in church activities while in school! Outside of studying, she enjoys adventuring, Greek dancing, road trips, jamming to country music, her puppy Evi (named after Saint Paraskevi because she's epic), her rabbit Elli, and spending time with her friends and family! Alexandria is THRILLED to get to share her love and obsession for her faith and culture with her co-staff and campers! SUMMER IS BACK Y’ALL! 



Daniel Roum was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, CA where he attends St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA. He recently graduated from UC Riverside with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Neuroscience and he yearns to receive a Master's in Nursing and become a Nurse Practitioner in the future. Daniel has been an active member of St. Andrew's, where he chants, sings bass (sometimes tenor) in the church choir, and serves as as a member of the altar server team. Daniel has also been the co-founder and active member of the St. Andrew's Young Adult Sunday school group "Coffee and Donuts with Presbytera" for 4 years during his college career. Daniel has prior experience serving as a chaperone at his home parish's Teen SOYO Summer Camping Trip and a counselor/track and field coach at the Special Olympics at the Antiochian Village in Bolivar,PA. He is beyond excited to serve as a counselor at St. Nicholas Ranch this summer! 



Gregory Roum was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, CA where he attended St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church in Riverside, CA. He graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Biochemistry and he is currently a Medical Student at American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine. Gregory is home for the summer and is currently an active member at his church in Riverside where he chants and sings in the choir. Gregory has also been the co-president of UC Davis Orthodox Christian Fellowship for 2 years during his college career. Gregory has prior experience serving as a counselor at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church Camp in Frasier Park, CA and at St. Nicholas Ranch. Gregory is very excited for another wonderful summer at St. Nicholas Ranch!



Alexia is super pumped to be coming back to St. Nicholas Ranch for her second year on staff and 11th summer of camp! Last summer was such a blast and she's so excited to get the opportunity to do it all over again. She is a member of the St. Anna Parish in Salt Lake City, UT, and just finished her second year at the University of Utah studying mechanical engineering. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, memorizing entire Broadway musicals, and reading. Get ready y'alll...summer is back!!!



John just finished his Master's degree in Accountancy at Arizona State University and he cannot think of a better way to spend the summer than at the Ranch. He is excited to see all of the beautiful, smiling faces that make camp the special place that it is!

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Lindsay Stasinis is originally from Simi Valley, California where she has attended Saint Nicholas in Northridge ever since she was young. She graduated from Cal State University, Fullerton as a student athlete and now currently lives in San Diego, California. Lindsay has attended Saint Nick’s summer camp for many years as a camper and is beyond excited to come back as a counselor for her third year now. This camp is a second home for her and is the perfect place to be over the summer to connect with new people, your faith, and reconnect with the familiar faces who always come back. Lindsay’s main focus right now is to just be happy, connected within her face, and make each day count in this beautiful life we are all blessed to have. She is so excited to be back home this summer again! 



Lily Spirtos is super excited to come back to camp this summer! As a recent graduate from Pepperdine University, she is back home living in Northridge and hanging out with her friends from St. Nicholas Church. Recently she became an intern for Left Hand Ministries and part of the steering committee for the West Coast YAL Conference. While applying for jobs you can find her with friends and family, reading Jane Austen, or listening to country music. There is no doubt spending a few weeks with you at the Ranch will be the highlight of her summer though!!!



Known as the Orthodox Indiana Jones on at least three continents, Kyle is never lacking in surprises. Born and raised on a farm in Pennsylvania, he moved to his new home state of California while serving in the US military. When in the area he stays actively involved in his home parish of St. Anna's in Roseville. However, whenever possible he loves to travel, especially assisting with missions through OCMC. Currently, Kyle is simultaneously a seminarian at Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology as well as a graduate student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This will be his first summer as camp counselor and he is extremely excited to share his love of Christ and the Church with everyone he meets!



Andrea is super excited to be a counselor for summer 2019! She has been a camper at St. Nicks since she was 8 years old and has created lifetime friendships there. She is also very close with all of the sisters at the Monastery. Andrea is from Bakersfield, California but loves traveling to other cities such as Santa Barbara to visit family and friends. She is currently attending Bakersfield College to pursue Nursing. If she isn't using her free time to read, relax, and/or study, she can be found with her two pugs, Phoebe and Louise. Yes, she dresses them up in dresses and shoes and they love every bit of it. Andrea can't wait to spend the summer with everyone at St.Nicks. and create even more friends! 



Sarah is a sophomore in college studying elementary education with an emphasis in Teaching English as a Second Language and an endorsement in a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse classroom (that’s a mouth full). Sarah currently resides in Greeley, Colorado where she is studying at the University of Northern Colorado. Some of Sarah’s hobbies are: rock climbing, singing, playing guitar, paddle boarding, and petting other people’s dogs. Sarah’s favorite food is Mac and Cheese and her favorite snack is dry apple crisp chips and Trilogy kombucha. Sarah loves working in high energy environments and will be spending most of the summer working a ropes course as a facilitator. Sarah’s patron saint is Saint Sarah the wife of Abraham, and her favorite saint is St. Xenia. Sarah’s favorite service is the Pascha vigil service. Sarah enjoys a good pun and dad jokes are always encouraged. She can’t wait to meet you all!

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Christina Vasquez is born and raised in SF and currently lives in Pacifica CA. She attends Annunciation Cathedral and is very involved in the choir, volunteer opportunities, and Sunday School! She is a full-time student at Skyline College and is working towards an AA degree in Early Childhood Education. In her spare time she works at Hilldale Elementary School as an Afterschool Teacher. Her hobbies include singing, musical theater, and hanging out with her family and friends. When she is not studying or working you can find her watching her all time favorite movie on repeat: SHREK, or listening to CHRISTMAS music year-round. Well that pretty much sums-up Christina. PS this will be her seventh year at camp, but this is her first time as a counselor! She can’t wait to meet all of you this summer and have the summer of a lifetime!



After being a camper for 5 years, Bella is overjoyed to spend her next year at St. Nicholas Ranch as a counselor. She is currently a Freshman at Biola University and is majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Biblical Studies. Bella attends St. John’s in Anaheim. Summer camp has had a huge impact on Bella’s life and she cannot wait to help other campers make memories to last a lifetime! See you at Summer Camp 2019!!!! 



Born by the sea, raised in the heat, there lived a little wife named Jacky - of all trades, master of none! She is normally seen next to a bearded cowboy named Matt in their natural habitat: the Jeep. If you can’t seem to find her there, go just around the river bend and there she will be, singing along with the birds, painting all the waves of the sea, or wandering the hidden pine trails of the forest wrapped up in a cup of coffee. All the while marveling at the wonderful little things God has awed her life with. 

Looking forward to her second year of camp, Jacky is ready to soak up the light of Christ with all of you, and grow together by grace! 



Matt was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised most his life in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt is a returning counselor to St. Nicholas Ranch and he has a blast making memories with his campers! Matt is currently a senior at ASU pursuing his dream, automotive engineering. Matt grew up in the country and loves all activities outdoors along with working with his hands. Cars have always been his passion ever since he could breathe! He always takes great pride in his work and loves to learn. Matt also loves involving himself in church activities like Greek dance and competing at FDF. Summer is almost here, and he can’t wait to see all of your bright and shinning faces!