Nick Adamopoulos2.jpg


A senior at Hellenic College Holy Cross from Nashville, Tennessee, Nick has been involved in summer camps for the past few years. His first involvement with the West Coast happened last year at Saint Nicholas Ranch Summer Camp. Many blessings came from that camp and he is excited for his next experience this summer! Nick brings a passion for the faith and fun that is contagious, and he is hoping that he can help all those around him grow stronger in their faith while having one of the best summers of their life!

Dean Anagnostopoulos.jpg


Dean Anagnostopoulos is ready to come back to Summer Camp!  A So Cal boy all of his life he was born and raised in Redlands, California where he lives with his parents and 4 siblings.  Dean has begun his college career at Crafton Hills College where he is working  towards persuing a career in Law, representing litigants in class action law suits.  He enjoys competitive Greek Dancing, spending time with his family and ALL SPORTS!  After spending much of his young life as a camper, Dean knows this is the BEST SUMMER CAMP! He is looking forward to being a counselor and having the ability to give back to this ministry that has given him so much.

Tobias Armstrong.jpg


Tobias was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He is going to school at Oregon State and is studying finance. This will be his second year counseling at St Nicks. In the past Tobias has volunteered as a counselor at his local summer camp - Camp Angelos - and has been a camper at St Nicholas Ranch where he fostered new and fruitful relationships with his fellow counselors and campers. He is also a certified Lifeguard and has been guarding at his local pool for the past four summers. Tobias says he is honored to be able to come back for a second yeah and share his knowledge and love for his faith to help the younger generations nurture their relationships with each other and grow in their own faith! But more than anything he is extremely excited to go BUCK WILD with you all this summer!!!

Sofia Asmerom.jpg


Sofia was born in raised in Bakersfield, California. She is currently attending California State University, Bakersfield and is majoring in Nursing. Sofia has been active in her parish of St. George through youth group, Sunday school and Greek dance. Recently, Sofia and her good friend have started a ministry for young girls in their parish, and are hoping to see it continue to grow in the coming months! This is Sofia’s 9th year at St. Nicholas Ranch and she cherishes all the lovely people she has met and befriended over the years. She is super stoked to meet everyone and is so ready to share and grow in the faith with everyone she meets this summer! 

Natalie Necerra.JPG


Natalie is an avid traveler of the world... in her daydreams. Don't worry, she'll get there one day, but until then she's super excited to finally be a summer camp counselor! Natalie has been going to camp since she was 12 years old, and instantly fell in love with the beautiful friendships and experiences she's created at Saint Nicholas Ranch. Since then, she's always dreamed of being a counselor and getting to help be a part of the magic that is summer camp at the ranch! Natalie is currently attending Saint Mary's College of California studying psychology (don't worry she isn't psychoanalyzing you) and hopes to go on to graduate school after achieving her bachelors degree. Natalie was born and raised in Bakersfield (aka the armpit of California as Bakersfieldians like to call it). Growing up, she has always been extremely close to the kids and people of her parish and has been so blessed to call it her second family. She was always very active with her parish's GOYA, Sunday school programs, and festival activities, and even though she's going to school in a different city, she travels back home as often as she can to attend these events to show love and support for her parish. Natalie can't wait to meet all of the amazing campers and her fellow counselors this summer and to make this summer at St. Nicholas Ranch as impactful and memorable as can be!

Constandina Brown.jpeg


My name is Constandina, I was born in Texas and have lived in 14 places throughout the states. I am currently attending Colorado State University as an incoming sophomore, studying business finance and real estate. I love hiking and adventuring the outdoors. I love singing, playing guitar, piano and ukulele. 

George Bryant 2.jpg


The artist formerly known as, and still known as, George True Bryant is back for his 3rd summer of camp and counseling at The Ranch. Baptized into the faith at 9 years old in Greece, he seeks to foster solid relationships with all at the camp, teach those interested in the finer points of singing and geetar, and seek a deeper sense of gratitude for, and attention to, our Loving God this summer. True grew up in Georgia, was raised by parents from New England, and will, one blessed day, live permanently under the heavenly West Coast skies. Home is mobile for him because as Phillip Phillips sings, I know I'm not alone, we're gonna make the Ranch feel like home.



This girl is none other than the wife of the legendary Tree Whisperer (aka Ron). What does a wife of a barefoot mountain man do? Well, she arts and crafts!!! If you spot her, Maria can be found completely engrossed in making works of art out of popsicle sticks, glitter and pipecleaner. She is also a connoisseur of crocheting, Greek dance, and drinking coffee. When not making the world more sparkly with hot glue and gemstones, Maria goes off to battle any moments devoid of excitement (as seen in the photo above). Ask her and she will tell you that this is a cause she is very passionate about and how you can get involved and make a difference. Spend one day with Maria and you'll have glitter in your hair for three months. No silliness aside, Maria is BEYOND thrilled to be doing what she loves this summer as an arts and crafts coordinator. She can't wait to see you all at summer camp!

Georgia Danos.jpg


This is Georgia's first time as a counselor at Saint Nicholas Ranch, and she is extremely excited to start camp! Georgia was born and raised in Chicago, and she comes from Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. After graduating with her Education degree, she is currently pursuing her Master's Degree. If she's not doing her school work, she is baking up a storm of desserts for her family and friends. There is nothing in this world that Georgia love more than her faith, and she hopes to grown deeper in her Orthodox faith. 

Juliana Delsante.jpg


This is Juliana's first year as a counselor for Metropolis and her second year as a counselor overall. She comes from a long history of attending All Saints Camp in Arizona, her home state, and is excited to be expanding the areas of her camp expertise. She goes to Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio where she plays for their softball team and dances on their ballroom dance team. She's a Classics major with a focus on Ancient Greece and uses all her free time to translate ancient texts (but be careful if you ask her about it because she has a lot to say). Juliana is looking forward to a year of fanny packs, glitter, and campfire songs and she can't wait to meet everyone!

George Demestihas.JPG


George was born and raised as a Greek Orthodox Christian in Bakersfield, California. He is currently a student at California State University Bakersfield and is studying Biology. George has been an active participant in his local parish through youth group, Greek dancing, and Sunday school for his entire life. He was a camper for over 5 years and considers Saint Nicholas Ranch to be a second home. He is very excited to be a counselor and looks forward to the opportunity to give back to the Church and share his love for the Faith with the youth this summer! Furthermore, he is pumped to have fun and go absolutely crazy this summer through faith and fellowship!

Nicole Deobler.jpg


Nicole Deobler is from Granada Hills, California. She grew up at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge, CA where she took 9 years of Greek school. Despite the countless hours of studying, she remembers all of three phrases: Οπα, πεινάω, and of course, φραπέ. She played years of GOYA sports, participated in Greek dancing since age 7 (yes, I dance a mean kalamatiano), and competed at FDF. She loves hiking, her favorite artist of all time is Tori Kelly, her favorite sport, behind Volleyball of course, is soccer, she thinks the beach is the most rad place on planet earth, and she is an avid fan of Les Mis and will jam out to any song on the soundtrack with you. She’s successfully established herself as the clumsiest athlete, but still manages to live out her dream of playing Division 1 Volleyball at Siena College, which is located in Albany, New York. She lives and breathes volleyball and spanakopita. Nicole is studying Business with a concentration in Sports Marketing and Management with a minor in Psychology. With all of the unpredictable adventures that come with college, she feels so blessed to have found a new Orthodox community at St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church in Albany while she is away at school. After spending all last summer pursuing the faith through programs like CrossRoad, summer camp, and Ionian Village, she can’t wait to share her love for our great faith with the campers.

This will be Nicole’s 11th summer back to the ranch and to say she is thrilled is an understatement. She can’t wait to come back home to St. Nicks and be apart of the most epic summer with all of you!

LIA CAMP 2018.jpg


Lia Forakis, born and raised in Modesto California, is  now living in Fresno California, where she is attending Saint George Greek Orthodox Church. Lia is active with teaching Greek Dance and working with the youth of Saint George. She has been in involved with Greek dance since she was five years old. I guess you can say Greek dance runs in her blood! Lia is so excited to be going to camp for her third summer.  And cant wait to meet  all of you at camp. When Lia is not playing music or dancing, or going adventuring  you can all ways find Lia hanging out with friends and family. Something to note about Lia is that you can always find her with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. well with that said Lia is super excited to make many memories this year with her campers. P.S. Keep Smiling! 

Sophia Fraser.jpeg


Camps have always been the highlight of the summer for Sophia Fraser since she can remember. She grew up attending Camp Angelos, her parish camp, in Portland. Sophia is currently a student at the University of Oregon, studying business. She attends Holy Trinity Cathedral in Portland, and when she is at school, she attends St. George Greek Church in Eugene, Oregon.

All of Sophia’s experiences through different camps and programs have helped her to grow in her faith, and meet other Orthodox Christians from all over the United States, and she is excited to meet more at Saint Nicholas Ranch this summer!

Panayiota Good.JPG


This might be her first summer as a counselor, but don’t be fooled, because Panayiota Good is a summer camp veteran. Having attended the ranch as a camper for eight different summers, Panayiota is beyond excited to spend her first year as a counselor with you all this summer! Panayiota was born and raised in San Jose, CA attending St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, leading GOYA, participating in Project Mexico, traveling to FDFs, and Greek dancing beside some of her favorite parea. She just completed her first year as a duck at the University of Oregon, where she is studying Journalism and playing volleyball for their women’s club team. Her hobbies include writing, music, poetry, sports, and of course, getting rowdy over just about anything. If you think you’re hyped about this summer, know that you are probably not on the same level as Panayiota, so it’s in your best interest to get there. Needless to say, this summer is going to be wild. Get ready.



Evan Goodson.jpeg


You can be sure that Evan Goodson will be bringing his “A” game as a counselor this year. Evan was born in the SouthLand of Louisiana, so you know for a fact he has good manners, and knows how to pull monster fish out of a river. He also knows that the New Orleans Saints are the best football team in the NFL. After having a proper upbringing in Louisiana, he moved to Arizona to become a cowboy. On a typical day, you can find Evan working cattle in between going to class at the University of Arizona, or heading north on I79 towards the Orthodox Monastery in Arizona. Evan has been going to camp since 2012, and has only missed one summer since then! Evan (Fisher Jim) is ready as ever to be posted up by the lake with Bait Box Bill, teaching y’all how to pull monster fish out of the water the right way. He’s losing sleep over the thought of world class, palatable Tri-Tip and cant wait to meet y’all at the Ranch. Roll tide, and God Bless.

Anastasia Guidi (1).jpg


Anastasia is the name, camp counseling is the game! After seven amazing years of being a camper at St. Nick Ranch and one year as a camper at IV, Anastasia is so excited for her first year as a counselor!

Born and raised in Southern California, Anastasia has been going to St. Nicholas Church all her life. She spends so much time there, it's become her second home. Anastasia is there every other day, either going to Greek dance practice or church. She is currently attending Santa Monica College and is hoping to transfer to UCLA soon!

When she’s not at school, Anastasia has a few hobbies she loves to do, especially going to her favorite place, Disneyland. She knows way too much about everything Disney and will tell you everything she knows, even when you don’t ask for it. When she’s not eating Dole whips at Disneyland, she’s blasting Broadway songs in her car. She loves singing along to the musical numbers (although admittedly, sometimes she doesn't sound like a Broadway star.) The Book of Mormon is her favorite show! Anastasia also loves photography and taking photos. She got a Nikon for her 16th birthday and hasn’t been able to put it down since. Living in the LA area has been as there’s so many fun and beautiful places to shoot.

Anastasia knows how fun and enlightening being a camper can be and is ready for a new experience as a  counselor! She hopes to make the same impact that her counselors did for her! Anastasia hopes you’re as ready for an exciting summer at camp as she is!



Mikael is native to the bay area, the youngest of three children in his family, as well as a graduate from the University of California, Davis.  Mikael is also a sports enthusiast and plays everything from basketball to tennis (find him on the court!)  Mikael is excited to help our youth strengthen their faith in Christ and do everything he can to help show them God's love for us. He is PUMPED for camp this summer and can't wait to see everyone!



Glory to God, Paulie is coming back for the first time as a counselor after 10 years as a camper!  Paulie is excited to give to all the new campers the same amazing experience he had going to camp!  Paulie grew up in the SF Bay Area, preferring the chill weather, but is ready to sacrifice that for the Dunlap heat this summer. Paulie is the oldest of seven kids!  If he could major in memes he would, but he’s undeclared for now. His hobbies include reading, watching anime, playing video games, drawing, and watching the same vine compilations for the millionth time. Paulie loves Saint stories, and is excited to share them — his favorite Saint is St John Maximovich. Let’s get excited for an amazing summer !! ★彡

Niki Katsiotis.JPG


Niki is at Ventura College studying to be a nurse that takes care of kids. Niki grew up in Santa Clarita, California, attending Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Northridge. She has been active in youth groups, Sunday school and dance. Niki has danced for Saint Nicholas since 2nd grade and has assisted with the younger dance groups for 7 years. Niki also enjoys listening to country music, country line dancing, and hanging out with her friends. She attended Saint Nicholas Ranch from 6th grade until she graduated from high school. She always talks about the Ranch to her young dancers, friends, and family. Camp is her second home, her happy place, and nothing will ever compare to the special place in her heart for St Nicholas Ranch. This is her third year being a counselor, she had so much fun last year that she is back for more crazy adventures with her campers and counselors.

Christiana Konugres.jpg


After many summers as a camp counselor/lifeguard in the pacific
northwest at All Saints Camp and Camp Agape NW, Christiana is
beyond excited for her first summer on staff at the St. Nicholas
Ranch! Growing up as an Orthodox-Christian, her camp counselors
became her role models for life in the way they lived out their faith
and embodied their core values. She hopes to be that same role
model for her campers! When she is not daydreaming about being
back at camp, you may find her at the library or hospital studying to
be a nurse. This fall she will become an RN! Yay! Before camp, she
will be studying abroad at the American College of Greece. When she
is not studying, some of her hobbies include spending time by the
ocean, listening to country music, hanging out with her three younger
siblings (who she loves very much!), Greek dancing, and learning as
much as she can about the saints! Christiana is SO pumped for camp
and she can’t wait to meet all of the campers!

Nicholas Kourakos.png


Nick Kouracos has lived his recent years in Boston to attend at Hellenic College Holy Cross to learn more about his faith and brought his charisma back to Orange County to share with his parish at St. Pauls in Irvine California. He has been a part of youth ministry for the past 5 years and looks forward to the craziness, which is camp. From getting obsessed with flamingos for no reason to learning more about prayer with fellow co-counselors and campers. He is eager to start his new year off right this summer, being a part of his St. Nick's Family at The Ranch. Get ready for another amazing summer!!! 



Cassandra Koukourikos is a music loving singer, actress, and dancer.  She has been attending services at Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Lancaster since she was a child, where she has now been the choir director as well as the Greek Dance instructor and choreographer for the past 2 years.  Cassandra is graduating and receiving an Associate of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts from Antelope Valley College this June and transferring to Cal State University Northridge in the fall to start in their Music Education Program with a Choral Emphasis. Some of her favorite things to do are sing show tunes, hike, and perform wherever needed :) Cassandra was a camper for 5 years and loved it so much that she had to come back as a counselor. This will be Cassandra's second year as a counselor and she can't wait to share her love for God and Orthodoxy with the campers. Summer is Back! 

Chryse Kruse.png


Chryse is ready for another summer filled with dancing, fishing, singing, and canoeing, but not falling in the lake! This will be Chryse's second summer as a counselor at the Ranch. She is currently getting ready for her last year at the University of Redlands, where she is studying English literature, religious studies, and geographical information sciences. While she is not reading books, writing, or mapping, you can still find her in the library applying to master's programs. If she's not in the library, she's most likely playing games with her friends or rewatching The Office. Chryse is very excited to see what God has in store for the summer!

James Maccone.jpg


Originally from Brooklyn, New York, James grew up in and still lives in Connecticut. He is a UConn alum with a degree in Biological Science, and an MBA from Sacred Heart University.  

While in school, James served on the Student Leadership Board for Orthodox Christian Fellowship and as President of the Hellenic Society of UConn. His youth ministry experience includes three summers with Camp Saint Paul, summers with the Southampton Faith and Culture Camp in 2014, and Ionian Village in 2015 (or IVXV), all while remaining active with his home parish of Saint Barbara.

In addition to being a lifeguard and former EMT, James interned with Yale Agriculture Experiment Station and worked as a hospital manager before his current role in business development for the Discovery Museum- a nonprofit STEM learning resource for children.

Growing up, camp has been where James has grown in the Orthodox faith and developed true lifelong friendships. James has a long career of youth and faith ministry but has been somewhat “retired” since Ionian Village. Right now, he is very excited to get back into camp and experience what the West Coast has to offer!

Personal Philosophy: “Grow wiser, grow stronger, but never grow up.” -Peter Pan

Yianni Magoulias.jpeg


Efstratios Magoulias, also known by his middle name, Yianni, is the Pastoral Assistant at the Annunciation parish in Sacramento, California. 

He recently graduated from Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology with his Master of Divinity. From Goya to Greek dance, Yianni grew up participating in the ministries of his home parish of the Annunciation in Modesto, California. It was here that he first became interested in studying towards the priesthood by serving in the altar and learning Byzantine chant. Yianni attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Classics (with an emphasis in Greek and Roman Culture) and minoring in History. Yianni has served the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America's camping ministry, Ionian Village, as a staff member in 2013 and 2014, and onsite at the camp in 2016 as the logistics coordinator and resident DJ. Within the Metropolis of San Francisco, he also has served for the past six years as a member of the annual Greek Folk Dance and Choral Festival (FDF) Management Team. 

Alex Mazare.jpg


Alexander (Alex) Mazare attends Fresno State and is majoring in Construction Management. He is 21 years old and counting. He would like to think that he is funny, kind, and full of energy. Although as modest as he is, his friends and family think the same. Being a part of summer camp this July brings back nostalgic memories of when he was a camper back in the day. He is excited to pass on the beauty of the Orthodox Faith through activities and worship this summer with the youth!

Christina McDonough.jpeg


Christina has just completed her junior year at CSU Monterey Bay, and is heading into senior year, excited to be graduating soon and to move on to her next step in getting her doctorate in order to become a physical therapist. Christina enjoys going to the gym often and reading books that are not for school when she can. She is ecstatic about being back at St. Nick’s for the third summer to share her love of the faith with you and to grow in her faith alongside you.

Dimitra .JPG


Meet Dimitra Migias, who is beyond excited to be a counselor for her second year representing the great state of Pennsylvania! Although raised on the East Coast, she feels right at home in Cali as she spent numerous summers as a camper at St. Nicholas Ranch, while visiting her west coast Yiayia & Papou. Her home parish is St. Luke in Broomall PA, where she stayed active in Goya & Greek dance. When not being a busy college student, she spends her free time traveling, babysitting, painting, and planning her next trip to Disneyland! She cannot wait to share her enthusiasm and love of the Orthodox camp experience with this year’s campers!!



Kat Nicolopoulos is from the city of Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by cacti and beautiful year round sunshine. She’s going into her senior year at Arizona State University, majoring in Psychology and Family & Human Development — Forever reppin’ the best school, Go Devils always!! She grew up at Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale and Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Phoenix. She loves being involved at home in AZ through All Saints Camp, Camp Agape & GOYA and enjoys being able to add to the memories each year. She spent the last summer serving at All Saints Camp in Arizona and St. Nicks Ranch and is so excited to be back home. She’s looking forward to early morning wake up calls, the frappes that follow those early mornings, making a million friendship bracelets (challenge already accepted) & lastly losing her voice after all the singing and dancing that’s to come from camp. Along with all these fun times ahead, what she's really looking forward to is being able to grow in our faith in a place where she feels like we can be our true selves. Kat can’t wait for another amazing summer & will see you soon!!

Veronica Pandelopoulos.jpg


Veronica was born and raised in Sacramento and now studies Kinesiology and Communications at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga. Veronica always has the travel bug, going to Greece and Australia a few times, but is always in anticipation for her next adventure. She is planning to study abroad for a semester and explore more of this gorgeous world as much as possible. Even with the constant want to be anywhere but home, she always finds comfort in church, especially at camp. St. Nicks is the place that encouraged Veronica to fall in love with the Orthodox faith and allowed her to see the indescribable beauty within the Church’s teachings. She feels so blessed to be a counselor again this year and being able to attend 12 consecutive summers at St. Nick. Veronica is more than KOALAfied (ha) to be a counselor this summer and can’t wait to make more unforgettable memories with all of the amazing campers. See you soon!!

Georgie Pappas.JPG


Georgie Pappas is beyond excited to make his triumphant comeback to St. Nicholas Ranch. Camp has been an important part of his life since infancy at Fanari Camp and a childhood spent as a camper at St. Nicholas Ranch, Ascension Ravencliff and Ionian Village. He has spent the past four summers working at Ravencliff, Camp St. Paul, and Ionian Village and is ready to return home to The Ranch.  This summer you will find Georgie pulling out monster bass from the lake with Fisherman Jim, going nuts at campfire, cleaning up at rib night and bonding with his campers through our Orthodox faith. He can’t wait to meet y’all, so bring your wackiest costumes and crazy kefi to make sure we have an amazing summer. 

Amalia Patrinellis.jpeg


The Orthodox Church is very special to Amalia's life, and the two of the communities that have helped her to foster her faith the most are the Metropolis of San Fransisco Summer Camp and the Orthodox community within in her hometown of Sacramento, California. Turning twenty-one years old this summer,  Amalia is currently a third year student majoring in Kinesiology at Sacramento State. Within the last three years of her college career, Amalia has been a regular attendee of OCF and a former member of the women's rowing team. As a sport fanatic, and a lover of all things movement, she is working towards her goal of (God-willing) becoming a PE teacher someday. She is very excited to be back at camp for the first time as a councilor, and she can't wait to meet each and everyone of YOU there!

Alexandria Reynolds.JPG


Alexandria is absolutely STOKED to return as a counselor at Saint Nicholas Ranch this summer! She was born and raised in Oakley, California. Her home parish is St. Demetrios in Concord, but since she has been in college, she attends the Ascension Cathedral in Oakland. She is currently pursuing Accounting at Saint Mary's College of California. Outside of studying, she enjoys traveling, Greek dancing, road trips, jamming to country music, her puppy Evi (named after Saint Paraskevi because she's epic), and spending time with her friends and family! Alexandria is THRILLED to get to share her love and obsession for her faith and culture with her co-staff and campers! She can't wait to see y'all this summer!!! 

Paloma Sanchez.jpeg


Paloma Sanchez is from a small town in New York and moved to San Diego to attend the University of St. Katherine almost two years ago. She will be transferring schools soon to pursue her degree in American Sign Language but is staying in San Diego because she’s intent on learning to surf. She likes to go spend time at the beach with her friends and find concerts to go to, and she is so excited to be back for a second summer at The Ranch and to drown her campers in glitter!!!!

Martha Saras.jpg


Martha Saras is both honored and excited to return to St. Nicholas Ranch as a camp counselor. Originally from the rolling green mountains of Northeastern PA, she now lives on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii, where she has been studying Art at University of Hawaii, Hilo. She enjoys singing in the choir at church, volunteering at Greek festivals, and, of course, GREEK DANCING whenever possible. She was a counselor at St. Nicholas Ranch last summer, and has participated in CrossRoad, summer camp at Agia Skepi Monastery, and RealBreak New Orleans, all of which had a tremendous impact on her as a person, both strengthening her faith in God and allowing her to make life-long friendships and connections. She would love to do missionary work in the future, and is inspired by organizations such as the IOCC, OCMC, and Project Mexico. Her interests include art, poetry, photography, reading, swimming, hiking, and traveling and adventuring any chance she can get. She firmly believes in positivity and laughing as much as possible, living life to the fullest, truly living in the present moment, and most importantly, deepening her relationship with God and her faith. She can’t wait to have an awesome time at camp this summer!   

Alexia Savas.jpg


Alexia is so stoked to be a counselor this summer at St. Nicholas Ranch!!!

Born in Dallas, TX, she moved to Northridge, CA when she was 6 years old, attending the St. Nicholas parish for 10 years where she was a part of GOYA, Greek Dance, and FDF. In 2015, she moved to Salt Lake City, UT where she finished high school, and now attends the St. Anna Parish. She is also at the University of Utah studying mechanical engineering and working on her private pilot’s license. She will be starting the Air Force ROTC program at her university in the fall.

If you love airplanes, space, science, or anything Harry Potter-related, she’s your girl. She will happily argue with you that Pluto is not a planet. She can drink an infinite amount of coffee without the caffeine affecting her. She uses the word “y’all” in every situation to represent her Texan roots, so don’t be alarmed if it rubs off on you. She can literally rap every single word from Hamilton, so don’t challenge her to a U.S. history-based rap battle because she will obviously win. Living in a state with five national parks, she loves hiking and exploring the beautiful Utah scenery.

This will be Alexia’s 10th summer back at St. Nicholas Ranch, and she couldn’t imagine her summers without Camp!  She attended Crossroad in 2016, as well as Ionian Village in the summer of 2017. Currently, she is a Greek Dance instructor at her parish and is learning how to chant. She is also a part of the college Greek Dance group in the Salt Lake area. She can’t wait to share her love for the Orthodox faith with everyone and make more memories at St. Nick’s!

Get ready y’all...Summer is BACK!!!

Stephanie Stamas.JPG


Stephanie loves singing and dancing (and wishes her life was a musical). She currently works as a first grade teacher in Los Angeles just five minutes from the ocean. She is ecstatic to be back at Saint Nicholas Ranch this summer because camp is her happy place. If Steph could be an animal it would be a bee, because she can make honey with the sound of her voice. Her middle name is, hello I'm about to make your day a whole lot brighter. Also, her eyes sparkle when she sleeps. Her best friends, Tiff and Andrea (former counselors at St. Nick's), may or may not have written this because her humility kept her from doing such.

Lindsay Stasinis.jpeg


Lindsay Stasinis is from Simi Valley, California and has grown up going to the perish of Saint Nicholas in Northridge, California since she was three years old. She is now an alumni from the California State University of Fullerton where she has received a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. This year she hopes to take some time off from school to travel, enjoy life, and grow in her faith. Lindsay enjoys playing all types of sports, listening to music, and having a good time with close friends. She cannot wait to be back at camp this summer to meet new people and reconnect with the old ones! Camp is absolutely one of her most favorite places on Earth and she cannot wait to be back in that positive atmosphere again full of love, faith, and beautiful people!!

Ben Steel.png


Ben Steel is a new member of the faith, and is very happy being Orthodox. He has just returned from Mt Athos, so feel free to ask him about the trip, or about anything else--he's an open book. Besides learning and participating in the faith, he enjoys studying classical languages at UC Berkeley. In his free time, he's usually reading something that was written a long time ago or socializing with other members of his co-op.

Evan Tsagaris.jpg


Evan has been going to camp forever--that's no exaggeration--he fondly remembers St. Nicholas Ranch when there were only two sisters at the monastery, and athletics was run by a triceratops (Mr. Trikeropoulos, great guy). Evan has participated in camp programs across the country, from New York, to upstate Arizona, to San Francisco, to Dunlap, California. Camp is what recharges him for the year, and he can't think of a summer without it. Evan can't wait to return home (because he used to live there) to St. Nicholas Ranch, make prosforo, bust out some Super Mario impressions, and see all of your bright, shining, faces!

Katerina Tzakis.jpg


Katerina Tzakis was born in Portland, Oregon. She Graduated from Westview High School in 2016. During High school Katerina worked full time at her family’s restaurant. She also worked at a preschool and volunteered at her local elementary school. Each summer she went to her parish church camp and Fish and Wildlife camp. Katerina has also spent a couple summers at St. Nicholas Ranch as a camper and Project Mexico.  After graduation, she spent her first year of college in Athens, Greece where she was able to better learn about the faith and the culture. Katerina is currently attending Portland State University as a Child and Family Service major. Her passion is to work with kids, she aspires to be an early childhood educator.

Jaclyn Walsh.jpg


Born the youngest of 6 in a Filipino family, with a love of art and the outdoors, Jacky is a 100-degree weather loving desert rat; working part-time as a cosmetologist, and living full-time as wife to the bearded man, Matt Walsh. Although this will be her first year at camp, years of experience in volunteer work, student council/SkillsUSA, and other various programs are tucked away under her belt. Having recently converted to Orthodoxy, Jacky is eager to dive head first into this enlightening time, growing in her own faith and hoping to bring the love and light of Christ to others.



Matt was born in Chicago, Illinois but was raised most his life in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt is a returning counselor to St. Nicholas Ranch and he has a blast making memories with his campers! Matt is currently a senior at ASU pursuing his dream, automotive engineering. Matt grew up in the country and loves all activities outdoors along with working with his hands. Cars have always been his passion ever since he could breathe! He always takes great pride in his work and loves to learn. Matt also loves involving himself in church activities like Greek dance and competing at FDF. Summer is almost here, and he can’t wait to see all of your bright and shinning faces!

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Jenny just graduated from Sacramento State with a bachelors degree in economics and She hopes to pursue a career in analytics. In her free time she is either at the gym or watching Netflix shows. After a summer off, Jenny can’t wait to return back to camp and meet the campers and have the best summer ever!!!! 

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Jeff Athanasios spent the formative years of his childhood in the open fields of Oklahoma, fishing for crappie, trapping the occasional wild animal, harvesting edible fruits and plants, robbing ducks’ nests for eggs, and catching praying mantises by day and fireflies by night. Although he will never eat as organically again, he has been blessed in life with the beautiful parish of Holy Trinity in San Francisco where he helps foster community and parea amongst the young adults. Since his days of building forts as a child, Jeff now looks to build up the hearts and faith of those he encounters.