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Johanna Duterte is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, but an even bigger fan of our beautiful Orthodox Faith (she especially loves the service of the Paraklesis)! This will mark her 24th year attending summer camp at St. Nicholas Ranch as a camper, counselor, camp management team member, and Director of the camp. She was born and raised in the Bay Area and spent ten years in Southern California where she graduated from Long Beach State in 2006. During her professional career in Long Beach she worked in the wedding, corporate, marketing, sales, and restaurant industries and was a member of the FDF Management Team from 2005-2008 as the Hospitality and Judge’s Coordinator.

After moving back home to the Bay Area December 2011, Johanna began volunteering her time to assist the Metropolis Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and as the GOYA Director at her home parish of St. Nicholas in San Jose. While doing so Johanna felt a calling to work for the Church in youth ministry. With prayer, patience, and trust in God, she eventually was led to an opportunity to serve the Metropolis of San Francisco. Johanna was honored when asked by His Eminence Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco to take on the responsibilities of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Metropolis as the Youth Director beginning July 1, 2014. She humbly asks that you keep her in your prayers as she continues this journey & ministry for the Church. Glory to God for all things!


Rondal Burkhard, also known as the Tree Whisperer, was born on the east side of the Sierra Nevada but migrated west at an early age to go where the streams ran clear and the trees grew taller. He attended seminary at HCHC in Boston and following graduation, Ron returned to California where he put his sandals back on and again ate fresh avacados at the source. Finally being nourished with Vitamin D and super foods, he began his work as the pastoral assistant and youth director at the Parish of St. George in Fresno. There he met his beautiful bride and they were married last fall. On many weekends throughout the year, and for the whole month of July (SCORE!) Ron can be found at St. Nicholas Ranch with his doing Ron-things and if you don't know what those are you'll just have find out at Camp because SUMMER IS BACK!

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Nicole Merritt is beyond excited to return to St Nicholas Ranch to be the CAMP ADMIN! She has grown up at "The Ranch" and it is a place that is very special to her. She feels blessed be able to spend another summer here. Nicole is in the culinary industry where she is a Culinary Trainer for her job. When she isn't traveling opening up restaurants, you can find her in her home town of Concord where she is apart of the St Demetrios parish. Nicole loves lending a helping hand at her church with, GOYA, festival and any of the functions that are going on. In her free time she loves exploring, and going on road trips. Nicole loves being outdoors and what Gods creations have to offer.  Nicole can't wait for camp and what God has in store for this summer of 2018!!! 


Summer camp has always been Connor's natural habitat and this coming summer will be no different. Connor had been a camper his whole life until he was eligible to become a counselor in 2009, he has worked in youth ministry ever since. He currently lives in San Diego California and worked in admissions at The University of St. Katherine. He continues to help foster the Orthodox culture on and off campus and does his best to inspire those around him to love each other and the faith. He has helped direct a multitude of retreats, camps, and gatherings both within our Archdiocese and in the Pan-Orthodox community. He sometimes blows on his cereal and ice cream to cool it down when he is not paying attention.




The bigger the shoes you wear, the less likely you are to misplace them! It’s Anna’s motto. Well. Most the time. Anna Teodosiadis will be walking in to camp this year, not running (yikes!) for her second time at St. Nicholas Ranch. Anna was born in Seattle, went to school at HCHC in Boston and now lives in Castro Valley, CA. Woah! The 3 best cities in the United States. Anna is blessed to be the Youth Director at Resurrection in Castro Valley where she actually has the BEST. JOB. EVER. And…You guessed it! These boots were made for walking and that is just what they’ll do. Anna loves walks. Walking down to campfire is one of her favorite parts of camp. When Anna isn’t at camp, she’s probably scouting for the best doughnut shop in the 8 mile radius, or practicing her accordion. Anna can’t wait to spend the summer with you!!!